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Pipe Supports

Various Supports for Industrial & Commercial Applications

We specialize in structural pipe supports including but not limited to the following:

Generator exhaust supports, Clevis hangers, standard & stacked knee brackets, Stainless Steel hangers, and more.

Bentley Autopipe design depicted below


Scope of Work may include the following:

1. Model all Piping systems 3” and larger and provide a system stress and flexibility analysis as required by the specifications. The system will be analyzed for gravity force, thermal expansion, hydrostatic forces, thrust force and seismic force as required by state and local code in accordance with ASME B31.1 using Bentley Autopipe.

2. The provided analysis and calculations will be signed and sealed by a registered P.E. in the applicable state

3. We will provide support location on the contractor’s pipe coordination drawings.

4. Support supplier will produce pipe supports drawings. The support details will be reviewed and sealed by a registered P.E. in the applicable state. We will provide design assistance throughout the detailing process.